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My Personal Experiences - Dog
The Importance of Feeding Healthy Pet Food
We used to buy our dog a brand of dog food that�many American pet owners��can find in any store. Being a puppy, our dog was always energetic and had a big appetite. She didn�t seem to have any immediate problems.

Maggie, our miniature dachshund I had a neighbor who had a puppy about the same age as mine. His puppy had a beautiful shiny hair. Compared to his dog, my dog�s hair looked very dull. One day, out of curiosity, I asked him what he did to keep his dog�s hair so shiny. He told me it must be the diet. He said he gave his dog a premium brand of dog food. I decided to try the dog food brand myself for my dog. My dog, who liked any food, accepted it willingly. I was happy about the dog food� or I thought.

When my dog reached almost a year old, she started to develop chronic waxy ear problems, especially her left ear. I often cleaned it, but the wax and odor kept coming back. I took her to the vet nearby. He glanced at her ear casually, and gave me an ear medication. I gave my dog the ear drop for a while, but it didn�t seem to work at all. This is when the dog also started to turn her nose away from the food I had given her for a while. It was time for me to find my dog a new dog food�a better quality dog food.

I had already been in search of holistic brand of cat food for our cat. (For my personal experience with my cat, click here.) I also started to look for holistic dog food for my dog. I found a good quality dog food in a health food store one day, and gave it to my dog. The result didn�t necessarily make me happy. Her feces were constantly loose. At first, I thought it was because I was switching to a new dog food, and that it might take a while for her stomach to adjust. Almost 2 months passed, and her stools were still too loose to clean up after her. I had to decide to move on and find her a new dog food. Her ear problem still persisted, too.

I found a holistic veterinarian and took our dog to her clinic for my dog�s ear problem. The vet examined the ear wax carefully and gave us a proper ear medication for my dog. Her ear wax cleared up soon. The holistic vet also told us the importance of proper nutrition in our pets� diet.

It was about the same timing that I started to feed our both dog and cat Life�s Abundance pet food. Just like our cat, our dog was happy with the food. Her feces were not loose any longer.

Years have passed since then. My dog�s persisting ear problem hasn�t come back since then. I don�t know if the temporary ear medication I gave her years ago has eliminated her chronic ear problem, or if the change of diet to Life�s Abundance dog food helped her overall immune system�probably both. Her feces have been in good condition. I now give both our dog and cat supplements, too. Although I didn�t give it much thought for a while, I now know that she has a beautiful shiny hair, which gives me lots of joy of taking many close-up photos of my dog and cat.

Click here to read about my cat.

Special Note: Although every effort has been made to present healthy products and useful information to support your pets' health, the products and information contained within this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The contents of this site are not meant as a substitute for consultation with a trained veterinarian. If you are concerned about the health of your pets, you should ask your veterinarian for proper guidance suited to the specific condition of your pets. The owners of this website accept no liability for any consequences resulting from the use of products and/or information provided through this site. Please use your discretion when attending to your pets' health.
Special thanks to Fintan Darragh, Rich Bensen, Maggie, Jiji, and Mary Crissman for providing our pet pictures!
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