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Water and Positive Words
Can good words affect the quality of water?
Masaru Emoto, the author of The Miracle of Water, photographed thousands of water crystals throughout his years of research.

His photographic documentation proves that tap water in big cities, such as Tokyo and Los Angeles, forms damaged crystal formations - and the results are uniform throughout the world. This is a good indicator (or even a reminder to some) that the tap water we use every day, especially in cities, is often polluted with contaminants. Few people today deny how polluted our water is, whether it is tap water or the water in lakes and oceans. It is not hard to imagine that tainted water cannot form balanced crystals.

What is more intriguing about Dr. Emoto's research is his study of how water crystals are formed when different words were "given" to the water. He observed that when words such as "love" and "gratitude" are given to water, the water forms beautiful crystal formations. On the other hand, when water receives words such as "devil", "evil" or "You�re stupid", the water crystals are deformed. Dr. Emoto observed that one's energy and vibrations, as expressed through words, affect the formation of water crystals. Dr. Emoto demonstrates through his research that water has an important role in transporting vibrations through words and language -- and that your choice of words, positive or negative, has an impact on the quality of water.

Can water benefit us and our pets? The answer seems to be obvious. Considering the fact that the body is made of more than 70% of water, water certainly has a vital role in our body and in the bodies of our pets. Water helps the body digest and assimilate nutrients, and also helps eliminate or detoxify various substances. In addition to this, the water crystal research of Dr. Emoto helps us think further about what impact words we use every day can have on ourselves, our family and friends, and on our pets.

Of course, we can't watch how water crystals are formed in our bodies. All we know from experience is that when we receive good words from others, we feel more energy and health emerging from inside us. When we get constantly criticized or blamed, we feel our strength dwindle. Our pets react the same way. Is water in our bodies actually responding to words? Maybe, or maybe not. Some praise and others criticize his research. If you consider yourself open-minded, you'll probably find Dr. Emoto's research worth exploring.

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Special thanks to Fintan Darragh, Rich Bensen, Maggie, Jiji, and Mary Crissman for providing our pet pictures!
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