10 Tips For Cleaning Up Dog Hair In Your Home

Some would say that you should get a dog that does not shed hair. Is there such a thing as a dog that does not shed? The simple answer is no! Some breeds of dogs may shed less than others but all dogs shed hair or fur, even dogs with short hair. Did you know that a Maltese and a Poodle, for example, are breeds that shed minimally, even if they are practically all hair? We love our furry companions, but sometimes, the dog hair around the home can get a bit too much. Here are some tips for cleaning up dog hair in your home.

1 - Have a daily routine

Your home should already have a broom (yes, it's old-fashioned, but it works!), whether or not you have a dog. There are two different kinds of brooms, the soft broom and the hard broom which can either be made of wooden sticks or plastic.

Make sure to have two brooms - one for outdoors and another for indoors. This is because dog hair can be all over your property. It doesn’t even have to be its shedding season. Dogs lose hair every so often. Make it a daily routine to sweep your floor so that the hair and dander don't accumulate.

2 - Vacuum at least once a week

The right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference in a home with a dog. Not all vacuum cleaners can remove the dog hair that can stick like glue to your carpet. Pick one that's designed primarily for homes with pets. These days, there are a range of pet vacuums that will do the job. You’ll find some good examples here. Of course, the best vacuum for pet hair will depend on whether you have a large or small home and whether you have hard floors or carpet.

3 - Lint roller

This will come in handy when there’s dog hair on your clothes. Depending on the material of your clothing, it can be quite a challenge to take out dog hair that stuck to it. A lint roller will solve this. There are different kinds of lint rollers and there are ones that specialize in pet hair. You can also use a lint roller in taking out hair from your pieces of furniture.

4 - Make sure your dog has a grooming kit

The basics of a grooming kit would be: (1) dog soap/shampoo, (2) nail clippers, (3) flea powder, and (4) brush. That’s the bare essentials, but of course, you can get more.

5 - Bathe your dog regularly

Shampoo or the act of rubbing soap on your dog will remove loose hair. Plus, your dog will look and smell great after!

6-Brush your dog regularly

You don’t have to bathe your dog daily, but daily brushing is a good idea. Your dog will like it if you brush its hair. It is an act of affection. At the same time, the brush will remove the excess or loose hair for sure.

7-Life Hack: Rubber Gloves

Using rubber gloves is an effective way to pick up dog hair. They are cheap and easy to use. They are washable and reusable. You'd be surprised how well they work. Make sure you get some and try for yourself.

8-Life Hack #2: Tape

Sticky tape or brown tape is a great cost-effective way of removing all kinds hair, even dog hair. If you can’t seem to get a strand of hair from an article of clothing, for example, try sticking a bit of tape to it and you’ll see that when you remove the tape, the hair will stick with the tape.

9-Isolate during shedding season

If your dog is a heavy shedder, consider keeping him in an area that is easy to clean. Even if you love your dog so much, dog hair can cause health problems to members of your household. Cleaning your place during shedding season might be too much to handle. Temporarily keeping him in a place where the floor is easy to clean like a tiled floor or cemented floor can help.

10-Regularly take your dog to the vet

Some shedding may be normal, but some may not. To make sure that your dog is not shedding due to a health problem, make sure your dog is healthy by not missing your vet appointments.

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