Popular dog breeds around the world

Dogs and humans have a special bond. Who knows why? Many dog owners love their dogs and treat them as if they were a member of the family. Here are the five most popular dog breeds around the world:

1- Labrador

Labradors are lovable and full of energy. You can't go wrong when it comes to picking a family friendly dog. The downside is they need lots of exercise and can be overenthusiastic at times.

2- German Shepherd

The ultimate guard dog, the German Shepherd is intelligent and a great companion. The downside is they are prone to hip dysplasia and can be demanding.

3- Golden Retriever

The beautiful Golden Retriever is a hairy version of the Labrador and a favorite family pet. They love water and can run, walk and swim for hours. The downside is they shed a lot of hair and you might need to spend extra time and money cleaning your home.

4- French Bulldog

French bulldogs are trendy at the moment and can cost thousands of dollars.  With a cute and rather ugly face, who knows why!

5- Beagle

Not the smartest dog in the pack but a faithful companion. Choose a beagle and you've got  a friend for life.

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